Combine multiple Elements into your own sidechain.

Sidechains are independently deployed bundles of Elements in the real world. Sidechains can be used to test new features for Bitcoin, change network and security properties, and even stand alone as production networks.

Creating Your Own Sidechain?

Want to pick your own set of Elements, and deploy your own blockchain?


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Experimental Sidechains

These sidechains are in development and testing, or are explicitly intended for non-production use.


Alpha is the official Elements testnet. Pegged to Bitcoin’s testnet, it includes most of the stable Elements, and is a convenient way of prototyping your application before going to production.


Rootstock is a sidechain that implements robust smart contracts. Rootstock is backwards-compatible with Ethereum, so scripts from the Ethereum ecosystem can run directly on a Bitcoin-backed sidechain.


Gem Health is a network for developing applications and shared infrastructure for healthcare. We are building the fabric of a globally integrated healthcare continuum that’s designed to make healthcare more personal and affordable.

Create Your Own

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Production Sidechains

These sidechains are being used on the main Bitcoin network.


Liquid is the first commercial sidechain by Blockstream. It enables instant movement of funds between exchanges, without waiting for the delay of confirmation in the Bitcoin blockchain. It is available to users of participating Bitcoin exchanges.