The Elements Project

Extend Bitcoin with composable building blocks,
deployed to your very own sidechain.

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As open source, protocol-level technology, developers can use Elements to extend the functionality of Bitcoin and explore new applications of the Blockchain.

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Confidential Transactions

The Confidential Transactions Element keeps the amounts transferred in a blockchain transaction visible only to participants in the transaction.

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Segregated Witness

The Segregated Witness Element eliminates all known forms of transaction malleability, and allows significant blockchain pruning optimizations.

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The Periodic Table

Elements are open-source bundles that can be used alongside one another to construct new, novel applications using the Bitcoin blockchain.

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Sidechains are extensions to existing blockchains, enhancing their privacy and functionality by adding features like smart contracts and confidential transactions.

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Build your prototype on top of alpha, the first pegged sidechain. alpha includes all "production-ready" Elements, including Segregated Witness and Confidential Transactions.

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You could list your sidechain here! If you've deployed your network to the public, you can add it via a simple pull request.

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