getsidechaininfo ( RPC)

Returns an object containing various state info regarding sidechain functionality.

  "fedpegscript": "xxxx",         (string) The fedpegscript in hex from genesis block
  "current_fedpegscripts":          (array) The currently-enforced fedpegscripts in hex. Peg-ins for any entries on this list are honored by consensus and policy. Oldest first. Two total entries are possible.
      "xxxx",                       (string) Hex-encoded active fedpegscript
  "current_fedpeg_programs":        (array) The currently-enforced fedpegscript scriptPubKeys in hex. Prior to a transition this may be P2SH scriptpubkey, otherwise it will be a native segwit script. Results are paired in-order with current_fedpegscripts.
      "xxxx",                       (string) Hex-encoded active fedpegscriptscriptPubKeys
  "pegged_asset" : "xxxx",        (string) Pegged asset type in hex
  "min_peg_diff" : "xxxx",        (string) The minimum difficulty parent chain header target. Peg-in headers that have less work will be rejected as an anti-Dos measure.
  "parent_blockhash" : "xxxx",    (string) The parent genesis blockhash as source of pegged-in funds.
  "parent_chain_has_pow": "xxxx", (boolean) Whether parent chain has pow or signed blocks.
  "parent_chain_signblockscript_asm": "xxxx", (string) If the parent chain has signed blocks, its signblockscript in ASM.
  "parent_chain_signblockscript_hex": "xxxx", (string) If the parent chain has signed blocks, its signblockscript in hex.
  "parent_pegged_asset": "xxxx",  (boolean) If the parent chain has Confidential Assets, the asset id of the pegged asset in that chain.
  "pegin_confirmation_depth": x.xx  (numeric) The number of mainchain confirmations required for a peg-in transaction to become valid.
  "enforce_pak": "xxxx",              (boolean) If peg-out authorization is being enforced.

> elements-cli getsidechaininfo 
> curl --user myusername --data-binary '{"jsonrpc": "1.0", "id":"curltest", "method": "getsidechaininfo", "params": [] }' -H 'content-type: text/plain;'