walletprocesspsbt ( RPC)

walletprocesspsbt "psbt" ( sign "sighashtype" bip32derivs )

Update a PSBT with input information from our wallet and then sign inputs
that we can sign for.

NOTE: When working with Confidential Assets transactions, it is necessary to
blind the transaction after filling it in from the wallet and before signing
it. This RPC will fail when working with such transaction. Instead of using
this RPC, use the following sequence:
 - walletfillpsbtdata
 - blindpsbt
 - walletsignpsbt

1. psbt           (string, required) The transaction base64 string
2. sign           (boolean, optional, default=true) Also sign the transaction when updating
3. sighashtype    (string, optional, default=ALL) The signature hash type to sign with if not specified by the PSBT. Must be one of
4. bip32derivs    (boolean, optional, default=false) If true, includes the BIP 32 derivation paths for public keys if we know them

  "psbt" : "value",          (string) The base64-encoded partially signed transaction
  "complete" : true|false,   (boolean) If the transaction has a complete set of signatures

> elements-cli walletprocesspsbt "psbt"