consumecompactsketch ( RPC)

consumecompactsketch sketch "sketch"

Takes hex representation of a proposed compact block sketch and fills it in
using mempool. Returns the block if complete, and a list
of missing transaction indices serialized as a native structure.NOTE: The latest instance of this call will have a partially filled block
cached in memory to be used in `consumegetblocktxn` to finalize the block.

1. sketch    (string, required) Hex string of compact block sketch.

{                                  (json object)
  "blockhex" : "hex",              (string) The filled block hex. Only returns when block is final
  "block_tx_req" : "hex",          (string) The serialized structure of missing transaction indices, given to serving node
  "found_tranasctions" : "hex"     (string) The serialized list of found transactions to be used in finalizecompactblock

> elements-cli consumecompactsketch <sketch>