rawreissueasset ( RPC)

rawreissueasset "transaction" [{"asset_amount":amount,"asset_address":"str","input_index":n,"asset_blinder":"hex","entropy":"hex"},...]

Re-issue an asset by attaching pseudo-inputs to transaction inputs, revealing the underlying reissuance token of the input. Returns the transaction hex.

1. transaction                      (string, required) Transaction in hex in which to include an issuance input.
2. reissuances                      (json array, required) List of re-issuances to create. Each issuance must have one non-zero amount.
       {                            (json object, required)
         "asset_amount": amount,    (numeric or string, required) Amount of asset to generate, if any.
         "asset_address": "str",    (string, required) Destination address of generated asset. Required if `asset_amount` given.
         "input_index": n,          (numeric, required) The input position of the reissuance in the transaction.
         "asset_blinder": "hex",    (string, required) The blinding factor of the reissuance token output being spent.
         "entropy": "hex",          (string, required) The `entropy` returned during initial issuance for the asset being reissued.

{                   (json object)
  "hex" : "hex"     (string) The transaction with reissuances appended