updatepsbtpegin ( RPC)

updatepsbtpegin "psbt" input ( value "bitcoin_tx" "txout_proof" "claim_script" "genesis_hash" )

Fill in Peg-in input data for a particular input in a PSBT. Data is filled if provided.

1. psbt            (string, required) The elements PSBT to update
2. input           (numeric, required) The index of the input to update
3. value           (numeric or string) The value of the peg-in
4. bitcoin_tx      (string) The raw bitcoin transaction (in hex) depositing bitcoin to the mainchain_address generated by getpeginaddress
5. txout_proof     (string) A rawtxoutproof (in hex) generated by the mainchain daemon'sgettxoutproof containing a proof of only bitcoin_tx
6. claim_script    (string) The witness program generated by getpeginaddress.
7. genesis_hash    (string) The hash of the genesis block of the chain the bitcoin_tx is in

"str"    (string) The resulting raw transaction (base64-encoded string)

> elements-cli updatepsbtpegin psbt 0