blindrawtransaction ( RPC)

blindrawtransaction "hexstring" ( ignoreblindfail ["assetcommitment",...] blind_issuances "totalblinder" )

Convert one or more outputs of a raw transaction into confidential ones using only wallet inputs.
Returns the hex-encoded raw transaction.
The output keys used can be specified by using a confidential address in createrawtransaction.
This call may add an additional 0-value unspendable output in order to balance the blinders.

1. hexstring                 (string, required) A hex-encoded raw transaction.
2. ignoreblindfail           (boolean, optional, default=true) Return a transaction even when a blinding attempt fails due to number of blinded inputs/outputs.
3. asset_commitments         (json array, optional) An array of input asset generators. If provided, this list must be empty, or match the final input commitment list, including ordering, to make a valid surjection proof. This list does not include generators for issuances, as these assets are inherently unblinded.
       "assetcommitment",    (string) A hex-encoded asset commitment, one for each input.                        Null commitments must be "".
4. blind_issuances           (boolean, optional, default=true) Blind the issuances found in the raw transaction or not. All issuances will be blinded if true.
5. totalblinder              (string) Ignored for now.

"hex"    (string) serialized transaction