getwalletpakinfo ( RPC)


Returns relevant pegout authorization key (PAK) information about this wallet. Throws an error if initpegoutwallet` has not been invoked on this wallet.

{                                  (json object)
  "bip32_counter" : "str",         (string) next index to be used by the wallet for `sendtomainchain`
  "bitcoin_descriptor" : "str",    (string) Bitcoin script descriptor loaded in the wallet for pegouts
  "liquid_pak" : "hex",            (string) pubkey corresponding to the Liquid PAK loaded in the wallet for pegouts
  "liquid_pak_address" : "str",    (string) corresponding address for `liquid_pak`. Useful for `dumpprivkey` for wallet backup or transfer
  "address_lookahead" : [          (json array) the three next Bitcoin addresses the wallet will use for `sendtomainchain` based on the internal counter
    "str"                          (string)