combineblocksigs (22.0.0 RPC)

combineblocksigs "blockhex" [{"pubkey":"hex","sig":"hex"},...] ( "witnessScript" )

Merges signatures on a block proposal

1. blockhex                  (string, required) The hex-encoded block from getnewblockhex
2. signatures                (json array, required) A json array of pubkey/signature pairs
       {                     (json object)
         "pubkey": "hex",    (string, required) The pubkey for the signature in hex
         "sig": "hex",       (string, required) A signature (in the form of a hex-encoded scriptSig)
3. witnessScript             (string, optional) The hex-encoded witnessScript for the signblockscript

{                             (json object)
  "hex" : "hex",              (string) the signed block
  "complete" : true|false     (boolean) whether the block is complete

> elements-cli combineblocksigs <hex> '[{"pubkey":"hex","sig":"hex"}, ...]'